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Coaching Great Teens to

Become Extraordinary Adults

Increase Confidence • Discover Potential • Realize Dreams

"Most teenagers are uncertain about who they are, what they believe, and how to plan their future, so I created a coaching program that guides them through their own journey of self-discovery."


- Daniel Jenkins | Owner, YouForge

Are You Fighting the Negative Influences in Your Teen's Life?

Does your teen need a confidence boost?

Are you worried about your child's future?

Is your teen anxious about the future?

Does your teen lack vision for their life?

Is your teen often self-centered?

Does your teen have a poor self-image?

"The YouForge coaching program has been a blessing for our family."



We guide teens through their journeys of

self-discovery in three phases


Your teen will know who they are and how they've been uniquely created.

  • Personality

  • Communication Style

  • Strengths, Talents, & Gifts

  • Passions

  • Experiences


Your teen will have a solid understanding of what they believe about eight different areas of life.

  • Spirit

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Service

  • Money

  • Fun


Your teen will have a vision for their future and their own plan to live it out.

  • Vision

  • Goals

  • Life Standards

What Makes YouForge Special?

The YouForge coaching program is specifically designed to guide teenagers and young adults through their own personal growth journeys.  We take six months to discover each student's unique personality, communication style, strengths, passions, and beliefs. Then, once we've discovered how each student has been uniquely designed, we take time to create a vision for their future.  Finally, we put it all together by developing a plan on how to finally unleash their potential and realize their dreams.


—  Mary Grace | Nashville, TN

“...structured... comprehensive & insightful... thought-provoking & helpful... very professional... accessible & responsive... genuine & caring... a great sounding board who listens...” 


—  Laurie | Nashville, TN

“Daniel had an immediate rapport with my son. outstanding role model in so many ways. He is strong yet he is sensitive...a winning combination!” 


—  Hana | Franklin, TN

I came to YouForge burdened by my current realities and without a vision for my future. I learned how to look ahead in life and see how the person that I will become is already in the making today. Everything I invested at YouForge was repaid by the perspective, encouragement, and wisdom that I gained. I highly recommend it for anyone who is dedicated to taking ownership of their future and moving forward with confidence.

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