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Coaching that helps you break free from the burdens of “success”
and lead a life of significance

You shouldn't have to lose yourself to find success

Stop letting the world define "success" for you!
You were created for more than this.

Daniel Jenkins Coaching will help you discover your unique gifts and potenial.

Gain Clarity

Great coaching will help you discover your unique gifts and potential.

Redefine success with Daniel Jenkins Coaching. Instead of working toward other people's dreams, create your own vision for your life.

Redefine Success

Instead of working toward other people's dreams, create your own vision for your life.

Make an impact with Daniel Jenkins Coaching. Unleash your potential and make an impact in the world like only you can.

Make An Impact

Unleash your potential and make an impact in the world like only you can.

Grow Beyond “Success” to Significance

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I understand what it feels like to think I’m not enough. I used to constantly compare my life to the world’s idea of “success” while knowing deep down inside that I was meant for more. I believe the world deserves leaders, like you, who are living fully as they were created to be. That’s why my coaching services have helped dozens of leaders, from students to business leaders and organizations, break free from the burdens of “success” so they can lead lives of significance.

Daniel Jenkins, ACC
Leader Coach

Daniel Jenkins | Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation | Master of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership, Lipscomb University

Certified Performance Coach, Lipscomb University | Bachelor of Business Administration in Music Business, Belmont University

Young Leader in Coaching with Daniel Jenkins

Here's Who I Coach

Young Leaders

Business Leaders


Hana Pedicini | Young Leader and Former Coaching Client of Daniel Jenkins

It's Easy to Get Started

1. Let's Talk

This free 30-minute call will help me get to know you.

2. Create Your Plan

Together, we'll create a customized coaching plan that's right for you.

3. Get Coached

You'll grow beyond "success" to significance.

5 Common Coaching Objections

What People Say

Brad Hendryx / Business Leader

Daniel challenges me with my best interests at heart. He helped me sort out my ideas and aspirations to get to the root of my issues and led me to make a wholesale shift in my thought process; all without making suggestions, but instead giving me various perspectives to consider and helping me answer important questions.

Lyle Tard / U.S. Air Force, Retired

Asking for help is never easy. For me, it seemed an admission of being wrong on key decisions in my life that led me to a place of stagnation. Daniel came alongside me at a pivotal point, not to demean or criticize, but to offer probing questions that allowed me to see where I was, where I wanted to be, and how I would go there.


Coaching is too expensive.

Coaching is an investment in your personal growth and future performance. Although each client measures Return on Investment (ROI) differently, we will create actionable steps designed to help you reach your goals and the vision you desire. (Also, we will create a custom coaching plan that fits your budget.)


I don’t have the time.

Since time is the most important resource you have, it’s absolutely important that you spend it on things you value. So, if you value your personal growth and goals, you’ll schedule time to invest in yourself. Your custom coaching plan will be designed with your goals and time constraints in mind.


I need complete confidentiality.

As a leader, it’s easy to feel like you have to maintain a certain image of having it all together. That makes it hard to open up and be vulnerable with others. Or sometimes there are organizational secrets that you can’t risk getting out. Before I became a coach, I held a Top Secret SCI security clearance in the U.S. Air Force. 


I've tried this already.

Not all coaching is created equal. Unfortunately, many people who call themselves “coaches” have never had any formal training or certification to do so. Not only have I earned an Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation, I am also a Certified Performance Coach. 


I don’t need therapy.

While coaching and therapy may sound similar, they are two completely different services. Where therapy focuses on resolving mental health issues from the past, coaching focuses on the future through mindset, performance, and personal growth. In the event that you require support outside  of coaching, I will gladly refer you to a licensed professional.

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