Coaching That Equips You
to Live Life on Purpose

Lead a life you love and leave a legacy that lasts

You Shouldn't Have to Drift Through Life

  • Not making progress towards your dreams

  • Living someone else's plan for your life

  • Unsatisfied with 
    where you're at

  • Afraid of wasting your time and potential

  • Worried you don't
    have what it takes

  • Figuring things out
    the hard way

The World Needs Who You Were Created to Be

You Have What

It Takes

There's no need to fall asleep at night feeling unsatisfied with life. My coaching program will equip you to live life on purpose so you wake up each morning and lead a life you love.

Greater self-awareness

Discover your gifts and passions

Clarify your values

Increased self-worth

Create a plan for your life

Make your dreams a reality

Daniel Jenkins Certified Performance Coach, Founder & CEO of YouForge | Nashville and Franklin Tennessee

Daniel Jenkins

Founder & CEO

You're Not Alone!

I understand how it feels to know that you're meant for more than the status quo.

As a Certified Performance Coach, I've equipped dozens of clients to lead a life they love and leave a legacy that lasts.

Hana Pedicini

Class of 2020

I came to YouForge burdened by my current realities and without a vision for my future. I learned how to look ahead in life and see how the person that I will become is already in the making today. Everything I invested at YouForge was repaid by the perspective, encouragement, and wisdom that I gained. I highly recommend it for anyone who is dedicated to taking ownership of their future and moving forward with confidence.

Brad Hendryx

Business Leader

Asking for help is never easy. For me, it seemed an admission of being wrong on key decisions in my life that led me to a place of stagnation. Daniel came alongside me at a pivotal point, not to demean or criticize, but to offer probing questions that allowed me to see where I was, where I wanted to be, and how I would go there. I cherish his questions, his guidance, and believe his coaching could be of great advantage to anyone seeking forward progress in their life, at any age or stage.

Lyle Tard - Satisfied Miltary Veteran and Business Coaching Client

Lyle Tard

U.S. Air Force, Retired

Daniel challenges me with my best interests at heart. He helped me sort out my ideas and aspirations to get to the root of my issues and led me to make a wholesale shift in my thought process; all without making suggestions, but instead giving me various perspectives to consider and helping me answer important questions. Dan Jenkins is worth everything he is asking for and more!

Happy Teens & Young Adults after Life Coaching

Young People

Many teens and young adults feel anxious and unprepared for life after high school. At YouForge, my coaching program equips them to enter adulthood with confidence. 

Happy Business Leader after Life and Business Coaching

Business Leaders

Despite their success, many business leaders leave work each day feeling unfulfilled. At YouForge, my coaching program will empower you to find fulfillment in all areas of life - not just your career.

Happy Military Veteran after Life and Career Coaching

Military Veterans

Most veterans transition into the civilian sector feeling overwhelmed with their newfound freedom. At YouForge, our coaching program will help you identify your options and create a clear plan for your life.

You Can Start Right Now

A simple three-step plan to begin leading a life you love

Schedule a Call for Coaching

1. Schedule a Call

This free two-hour session is a life-changing coaching experience that will help you identify your biggest dreams, challenges, and fears.

A map depicting the coaching journey

2. Gain Clarity

You'll gain greater self-awareness; specifically in areas of personality, gifts, passions, values, and the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

A ship wheel representing a client taking control of their life

3. Lead Your Life

You'll be equipped to take the daily actions necessary to make your dreams, visions, and goals become a reality.

Someone feeling fulfilled because they've gone through coaching and now lives life on purpose and leads a life they love

Your Story Matters

At YouForge, I know you're the kind of person who wants to wake up each morning and lead a life you love. To do that, you need to live life on purpose. The problem is that you've been drifting through life without any clear focus or by living out someone else's plan for your life. So you're afraid of wasting your time and potential feeling unsatisfied. Life shouldn't be that way. I believe you have what it takes. The world needs who you were created to be!


I get it though. There was a time in my life where I'd wake up each morning and go through the motions. Still, I knew deep down inside that, just like you, I was meant for more than the status quo. Thankfully, I discovered who I am, what I want out of life, and how to live life on purpose. That's why, as a Certified Performance Coach, I've equipped dozens of young people, business leaders, and veterans to lead a life they love.


You can do it too! Start by scheduling your first coaching call. Throughout the coaching relationship, you'll gain clarity about who you are and what you want out of life. Then you'll be equipped to live life on purpose. So schedule a call so that you can stop drifting through life wasting time figuring things out the hard way and start being the person you were created to be.